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Otako_Template folder

the folder consists of:

HTML Structure

HTML Head consists of :

HTML Body consists of :

  1. scroll to top & preloader
  2. header
  3. home section
  4. About section
  5. Services section
  6. Work section
  7. Projects section
  8. New Project section
  9. Pricing section
  10. Testimonials field
  11. Partners section
  12. Team section
  13. Blog section
  14. FAQ section
  15. Contact section
  16. Footer section

CSS Structure

CSS folder consists of :

JS Structure

JS folder consists of :

PHP Structure

PHP folder consists of :

try {
    $mail->isSMTP();                               //Send using SMTP
    $mail->Host       = 'smtp.gmail.com';          //Set the SMTP server to send through
    $mail->SMTPAuth   = true;                      //Enable SMTP authentication
    $mail->Username   = '[email protected]';        //SMTP username 
    $mail->Password   = 'demopw';                  //SMTP password
    $mail->SMTPSecure = "ssl";
    $mail->Port       = 465;

    $mail-> CharSet= "utf-8";
    echo 'Message has been sent'; //message shown on sucsess message send


Google Fonts used: Rubik , Gemunu+Libre

This is not a WordPress template if you want to make it at WordPress you need to install it first

jquery version 3.6

bootstrap version 5.0.2

Webfonts folder have fonts used by Fontawesome plugin to make icons

images folder contains all images used + we collected images used in same sections in another folder to be easily to customize such as : blog and Team

Contact form is activated and send messages it validates the values sent them to an email address

You may receive this message after adding you gmail account or you hosting information and try to use forms:

if you found this message in your inbox after sending then you need to enable less secure app:

Google Security


SEO Customize

Changing the discription and key words of the template which is responsiple for SEO if you have some experience of HTML and SEO then change them if you want

Google Fonts Customize

Favicon Customize

or you can change it from image folder -> favicon.png {just delete it and put another image 32x32 pixels png type and name it favicon}

Logo Customize

There are two logos on the header and footer

Header logo:

Footer logo:

Icon Customize

you can change any icon in template by going to fontawesome icons

Image Customize

before changing an image you should know important information on images you will replace.
you can replace any image with another and the image will be resized automatically to prevent the change in aspect ratio but some images should have the same aspect ratio to prevent errors

  • Team section images (images/team/.. )images should have the same Aspect ratio
  • Partners section images (images/partners/.. )images should have the same Aspect ratio
  • Blog section images (images/blog/.. )images should have the same Aspect ratio
  • Work section images (images/work/.. ) Aspect ratio -> 3:2
  • Projects section images (images/projects/.. )prefered to have aspect ratio -> 1:1
  • Testimonials section images (images/clients/.. ) Aspect ratio -> 1:1
  • About section image (images/about.jpg) prefered to have aspect ratio -> 1:1

Counter values Customize

to changing counter values like years of experience change data-count value to the value you need

Google Map Customize

to change the map location go to google maps websites then press on menu button then select share or embedded map and copy the map code and paste it here

Mail Options

go to PHP folder -> mail.php here you will find the SMTP options and commented code to put your informations like SMTP server, username and password

go to PHP folder -> contact.php here put your email address

go to PHP folder -> subscribe.php here put your email address


some programmes and websites will help you in uploading:

=> code editor to change the text in HTML or icons images such as visual studio code , sublime text or notepad++

=> A hosting for your website to make it seen in puplic some websites that can host your website: GoDaddy, Hostingar, Bluehost and Namecheap

=> A domain for example ( https://www.domainname.com ) and hosting companies sell domains too or you can take it for free with the hosting plan you can upload files by yourself or you can use a program to upload your files to the FTP server like filezilla

Sources & Credits

Images used :

pexels, unsplash and Freepik

Plugins used :